Orlando C. Deavila

I received a BA in History from University of Cartagena, Colombia, where I also worked as part of the research team of the International Institute of Caribbean Studies. In 2012 I enrolled in the PhD program of the History Department at UConn, where I earned a MA in History in 2014. Simultaneously, I pursued a Graduate Certificate in Human Rights at the Institute of Human Rights.

My field of focus is Latin American and Caribbean history. My current research examines the tourist and urban development of Cartagena (Colombia) since the mid-twentieth century, and how they sparked a series of spatial changes that transformed the social map of the city. It also studies the ways in which everyday citizens, the urban poor in particular, responded to this process, which strategies of popular politics they put in practice to confront it, and how in doing so they created collective identities along class, race and gender, redefining at the same time their relationship with the state. My advisor is Mark Healey.


Research interests: Urban history, housing, race and ethnicity, citizenship-making, and popular politics.




(Ed.) Cartagena vista por los viajeros, siglo XVIII-XX (Cartagena: Universidad de Cartagena – Alcaldía de Cartagena, 2011)



“Imaginarios del miedo, segregación urbana y exclusión social en Cartagena, 1956 – 1971” in Cuadernos de Literatura del Caribe e Hispanoamérica. N° 7. Barranquilla, 2008, p 35-50

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Book reviews

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