Emeritus Faculty

Robert Asher
Richard D. Brown Colonies; Revolution and pre-industrial society and culture; micro-history
Ronald E. Coons
Mary Cygan  Ethnic and Racial Minorities; Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
John A. Davis  Modern Italy; Comparative European Social and Economic History since 1750
Edmund Dickerman
Michael Dintenfass European Cultural History; Historiography; Economic and Business History
Lawrence B. Goodheart  Nineteenth-century social and intellectual
Paul B. Goodwin
Kenneth Gouwens European Cultural and Intellectual History, 1300-1600; Italian Renaissance
Robert A. Gross Colonial, Revolution, and Early Republic; History of the Book; New England, American Studies
Karen Kupperman
Lawrence N. Langer Russian History, Russia in the Mongol Era, Medieval Russia, Byzantine History
Judith P. Meyer Social history of the French Reformation in the 16th and 17th centuries
R. Kent Newmeyer
Thomas G. Paterson U.S. foreign relations; diplomatic history
Howard Reed
Blanca G. Silvestrini Late 19th and 20th Century Caribbean; Puerto Rico; Gender History; Latinos in U.S.; Law and Society
Karen Spalding Colonial Latin America
Anita Walker
Altina Waller 19th-century social and cultural; family; community
Allen Ward