Planning an Event

Want to plan a department event? We are here to help!

The following is what to consider when planning an event. Assistance is available through consultation with the Administrative Coordinator.


  1. Determine the scope of your event.
  2. Secure funding.
    • Identify and secure sources of income for funding.
    • Support from other departments should be transferred to your central account.
  3. Check the calendar.
    • Check the availability of your preferred date at Keep in mind other major department or university events.
    • Contact the Administrative Coordinator to put your event on the calendar as early as possible, even if information is incomplete. It can be updated later.
  4. Reserve your space!
    • Contact the staff to book your preferred space. Let us know the place, dates, and times you need a booking.
  5. Invite the speaker.
  6. Make your arrangements for the speaker:
    • Hotel Accommodation - speakers can stay near campus through direct charge to the department. Provide the following information to the Administrative Coordinator:
      • Name of guest
      • Business reason for stay
      • Check-in and check-out dates
      • Travel phone number of guest
    • Flight, Train, and Rental Car - guests may book their own travel arrangements.  Or guest travel may be directly booked through the University. To make a direct booking, email the Administrative Coordinator with the following information:
      • Legal name of guest (as it appears on a government ID)
      • Date of Birth
      • Legal gender of guest
      • Exact flight to be booked (chosen by you or the guest).
      • Any frequent flyer numbers applicable


  1. Get the speaker into the financial system for payment. Send the following information to the Administrative Coordinator:
    • Vendor Name
    • Vendor Email Address
    • Vendor Phone Number
    • Purpose of payment (reimbursement-only, honorarium, etc.
  2. If the TOTAL check to your speaker (reimbursement + honorarium) will be over $2,500:
    • A purchase order must be created in advance of the event.
    • This will require a quote of the estimated payment, including honorarium and estimated travel expenses that will be reimbursed.
    • See the Administrative Coordinator for assistance.
  3. Create Posters: Posters can be created through the University Design Services and printed through the Document Production Center.


  1. Make your catering booking(s). Catering options can be found at the Dining Services website. Book through the Administrative Coordinator. Pre-approval is required for business meals, including catering, when:
    • Attendees consist only of UConn Affiliates (rare)
    • The event will have a Department Head, Director, Dean, or Provost at it.
    • The event is funded by Foundation funds.
  2. Get pre-approvals for business meals.


  1. Book Local Transportation for Guests - Arrange for local transport of your guest to campus, as necessary. Local cab bookings can be made through the department. Contact the Administrative Coordinator to request a booking.
  2. Arrange for audio/visual needs -  
    • You may book the department A/V equipment through the staff.


  1. Pay your speaker: collect travel receipts from the speaker (as necessary), fill out the Speaker Payment Cover Sheet after the event and submit with required backup to the Administrative Coordinator for payment.
  2. Request reimbursement, as necessary: if you have business meal receipts, see the "Reimbursements" page for instructions to submit your documentation for repayment.