Faculty by Name, All Campuses

(in alphabetical order)

Emma Amador Storrs Puerto Rico, U.S. Latina/o/x, Caribbean, Latin America
Fakhreddin Azimi Storrs Modern Middle East; Iran
Peter C. Baldwin Storrs American Urban History; U.S. social history
Joel Blatt Stamford Politics and International Relations of France, Italy, and Europe, 1914-1945
Jason Oliver Chang Storrs Modern Mexico, Asian Americans, Transnationalism
Christopher Clark Storrs U.S. social history; 18th and 19th century North America
Frank Costigliola Storrs Foreign Relations, Twentieth Century
Cornelia H. Dayton Storrs Early British North America; U.S. law, women and gender, history of mental disorders and disabilities
Alexis Dudden Storrs Modern Japan, imperialism, Korea
Jamie H. Eves Storrs U. S. Environmental and Industrial History; Early American History; Public and Local History; History of New England
Dexter Gabriel Storrs Black Atlantic, Slavery, Abolition and Emancipation, and Slavery in Popular Culture
Mark Healey Storrs Modern Latin America, Environment, Cities and Citizenship
Brendan Kane Storrs Early modern Britain and Ireland; Reformation; early modern Atlantic World
Ariel Mae Lambe Waterbury Latin America and the Caribbean; Cuba; social and political movements; activism
Charles B. Lansing Storrs Modern Germany; Holocaust
Sergio Luzzatto Storrs Nineteenth century and twentieth century Italian history; Eighteenth century and nineteenth century French history; Twentieth century Jewish studies
Hana Maruyama Storrs Public history and humanities; Asian American studies; memory studies; American Indian and Indigenous studies; carceral studies
Joseph McAlhany Storrs Ancient Rome, Roman intellectual history, the classical tradition
Micki McElya Storrs 20th & 21st Century U.S., Histories of Women, Gender, and Sexuality, Cultural History
Matthew McKenzie Avery Point Marine environmental history, 18th and 19th century American social history, maritime history
Santiago Muñoz Arbeláez Storrs Indigenous history; early modern Atlantic history, especially the Spanish empire; the history of maps, books, and textual artifacts; agrarian history
Melanie Newport Hartford 20th century American political and legal history; crime, policing, and incarceration in American history
Jeffrey O.G. Ogbar Storrs Twentieth Century, African-American
Sherri Olson Storrs Medieval Europe
Amii Omara-Otunnu Storrs East Africa; 19th and 20th Century Africa
Mark Overmyer-Velazquez Storrs Modern Mexico; transnational migration; U.S. Latinos
Melina Pappademos Storrs Twentieth-century Cuba, African Diaspora, Caribbean, Latin America
Shirley A. Roe Storrs History of Science; Early Modern European Intellectual
Helen M. Rozwadowski Avery Point History of science, environmental history, oceans, U.S. and Britain
Ricardo Salazar Rey Stamford Latin American and Caribbean History, History of the Spanish Empire, Early Modern Atlantic Slavery, History of Slavery, History of Religion, African Studies, Early Modern History, Colonialism, Imperialism
Sylvia Schafer Storrs Modern France; sexuality; feminist theory; gender
Tom Scheinfeldt Storrs Digital humanities, scholarly open source software
Nancy Shoemaker Storrs American Indian History, Maritime History
Sara Silverstein Storrs Modern European Political and Social History, International History, Human Rights, Global Health, Migrants & Refugees
Bradley Simpson Storrs History of Self-Determination from 1941-1991
Manisha Sinha Storrs The Long Nineteenth Century: Transnational histories of slavery, abolition, and feminism, the History and Legacy of the Civil War and Reconstruction
Nu-Anh Tran Storrs Vietnam War, Vietnamese history, Southeast Asian history, nationalism
Fiona Vernal Storrs Africa; 19th century South African history; Christianity in South Africa; slavery
Janet S.K. Watson Storrs Twentieth-century European cultural; modern Britain; gender
Walter Woodward Hartford Early American history, History of Connecticut
Kaveh Yazdani Storrs Socio-economic history of India, 17th to 19th C. The ‘Great Divergence’ debate. Histories of capitalism(s) in global perspective. Entangled histories of India and Persia, 17th to 20th C. Global labor history and discourses on free and unfree labor.
Peter Zarrow Storrs Modern China
Victor Zatsepine Storrs Chinese modern history, regionalism, and borders; Manchuria and the Russian Far East