Ariel Mae Lambe

Ariel Mae Lambe, assistant professor of history, UConnPh.D. Columbia
Associate Professor

Office Hours, Spring 2022: Email for appointment
Office: Waterbury Campus, Rm 216
Phone: 203-236-9947
Twitter: @arielmaelambe

Areas of Specialty

Latin America and the Caribbean; Cuba; social and political movements; activism; antifascism

Current Research Interests

Cuban antifascism and involvement in the Spanish Civil War; transnational movements, activism, networks, and solidarity; political exile; the 1930s in the Atlantic World


Ariel Mae Lambe earned a B.A. with honors in History from Yale College in 2004 and a Ph.D. in Latin American and Caribbean History from Columbia University in 2014. Her book No Barrier Can Contain It: Cuban Antifascism and the Spanish Civil War was published by University of North Carolina Press in December 2019. At the Waterbury Campus, Dr. Lambe teaches Latin American, Caribbean, and U.S. History courses. She lives in Hamden, CT with her husband and two daughters.


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No Barrier Can Contain It: Cuban Antifascism and the Spanish Civil War. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2019.

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