Helen M. Rozwadowski

rozwadowski-v1Ph.D., Pennsylvania
Associate Professor

Office: Avery Point Campus, Academic Building 101-D
Office: Storrs Campus, Wood Hall Rm 306
Hours Fall 2018: by appointment
Phone: (860) 405-9120
Fax: (860) 405-9075
Email: Helen.Rozwadowski@uconn.edu


Areas of Specialty

History of science, environmental history, maritime history, U.S., Atlantic Ocean, and Britain


Current Research Interests

History of oceanography and undersea exploration in the 1950s and 1960s



Helen M. Rozwadowski graduated from Williams College, and received her Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1996. While working as the historian for the International Council of the Seas (ICES) she wrote The Sea Knows No Boundaries: A Century of Marine Science under ICES, a history of twentieth-century marine sciences that focuses on ICES’s role in the growth of fisheries science, fisheries oceanography, and marine environmental science, and articulates the contribution of science to marine resource management and policy. Her award-winning book, Fathoming the Ocean: The Discovery and Exploration of the Deep Sea is a scientific and cultural history of interest in the ocean, manifested in maritime novels, in the popular hobby of marine zoology, in the youthful sport of yachting, and in the laying of a trans-Atlantic telegraph cable. The open ocean, for centuries a byway or barrier, became for the first time a destination, a workplace, and the object of scientific inquiry. The mid-century historical context profoundly influenced both the development of oceanography and our attitudes and uses of the deep sea today.

Rozwadowski’s current research again examines the confluence of scientific and popular interest in the ocean, this time during the Cold War, at a time when Western nations conceived of the sea as a new frontier akin to outer space.

Rozwadowski has worked in the past both as a public historian, including writing for Discovery On-line, and also in academia. She won the Ida and Henry Schuman Prize from the History of Science Society, was awarded the William E. & Mary B. Ritter Fellowship of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and has received grants and fellowships from the National Endowment for the Humanities, National Science Foundation, and the Smithsonian Institution.


Selected Publications

Keith R. Benson and Helen M. Rozwadowski, eds., Extremes: Oceanography’s Adventures at the Poles (Sagamore Beach, MA: Science History Publications/USA, spring 2007)

Fathoming the Ocean: The Discovery and Exploration of the Deep Sea. Harvard University Press, spring 2005 (paperback edition in 2008).

The Machine in Neptune’s Garden: Historical Perspectives on Technology and the Marine Environment. Helen Rozwadowski and David van Keuren, eds. Canton, MA: Science History Publications/USA, 2004.

The Sea Knows No Boundaries: A Century of Marine Science Under ICES. Seattle and London: University of Washington Press and International Council for the Exploration of the Sea, 2002.

“Science, the Sea, and Marine Resource Management: A History of the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea,” The Public Historian 26(1)(2004): 41-64 (joint volume with the American Society for Environmental History).

” Internationalism, environmental necessity, and national interest: marine science and other turn-of-the-twentieth-century sciences,” Minerva 42(2)(2004): 127-149.

“Engineering, imagination, and industry: Scripps Island and dreams for ocean science in the 1960s,” pp. 325-352, in Rozwadowski and van Keuren, eds., The Machine in Neptune’s Garden, Canton, MA: Science History Publications/USA, 2004.

“Technology and Ocean-scape: Defining the deep sea in the mid nineteenth century,” History and Technology 17(2001): 217-247.

“Small World: Forging a Scientific Maritime Culture,” Isis, 87(1996): 409-429.