Graduate Financial Aid

Doctoral Program – The University of Connecticut offers Pre doctoral Fellowships and Teaching Assistantships each semester, which typically include a stipend for nine months during the academic year and a tuition waiver. All awards are made on the basis of academic merit.

Teaching Assistantships:

Ph.D. Students: Years 1 – 5
These students normally receive a .75 teaching assistantship (or .50 teaching assistantship if combined with other University funding). Students must remain in good academic standing and meet all of the deadlines for progress through the program to maintain funding.

Instructors of Record:

Ph.D. Students: Years 6-7 (or 8 if entered with a B.A.)
All students must have passed the Ph.D. General Examinations (including having an approved Prospectus Completed) and must have taken History 5103 – Teaching History, to be assigned courses.
The number of courses available to be assigned to students in years 6 – 7 (8 if entered with a B.A.) depends on the budget for any given year. Students who are assigned to teach courses can expect to teach two courses per year, which is equivalent to a .50 teaching assistantship, three courses if the budget permits, which is equivalent to a .75 teaching assistantship. These assignments carry with them the usual tuition waiver and medical benefits. Students progressing toward the degree in a timely manner receive priority for the funding that is available.

Ph.D. Students: Years 8-9 (or 9-10 if entered with a B.A.)
The Graduate School’s deadline for completion of the Ph.D. program is seven years, (or eight  for students who entered with a B.A. degree). Students in years eight through nine, (or nine through ten  if entered with a B.A.), will be assigned courses only if funding is available and only if there is a need for particular courses for which a student has an expertise.

Ph.D. Students: Year 10 and Over
Only in rare circumstances will students in years ten or more be hired to teach a course, and only if a particular expertise is needed.

Other Financial Opportunities:
Fellowships and Scholarships

Master’s Program

Aid is not normally available for masters students through the department. However, there are several opportunities through the Graduate School for tuition and other financial assistance: