Olga Koulisis

Olga Koulisis, PhD student, Department of History, UConnOffice: Wood Hall, Rm 305
Office Hours, Fall 2018: On Fellowship
Contact: olga.koulisis@uconn.edu

B.A., Boston University – History and International Relations
M.Ed., Worcester State College – History

: Frank Costigliola

Research Fields

U.S. Foreign Relations, U.S. and the World, Histories of Capitalism, Political Economy, Ideology, U.S.-European Relations

Research Interests

I study twentieth-century U.S. foreign relations with broad interests in changing perceptions of borders, sovereignty, and federal power among various historical actors.  My early graduate studies at UConn focused on American public attitudes towards U.S. support of anti-democratic governments as well as the role of U.S. business interests in U.S.-backed anti-democratic countries during the 1960s and 1970s.  My current work on international bankers allows me to combine my previous interests in ideology, domestic and foreign policy, and people-centered history with interests in international cooperation and organization.  My dissertation focuses on the life and environment of international banker Thomas Lamont. I examine how Lamont and his cohort of mobile financiers understood the borders among people, states, and capital in the first half of the twentieth century.


I graduated summa cum laude with a BA from Boston University where I double majored in European History and International Relations, with a special focus on security studies and transatlantic affairs. I earned departmental honors in International Relations for my senior thesis on the Holocaust in Greece and the role of national identity in interwar Greece.  I continued my studies with an M.Ed. in United States History from Worcester State College and taught at the secondary level for several years before returning to academia. I participated in numerous Teaching American History Grant initiatives in Central Massachusetts as well as a Gilder Lehrman Summer Institute at Brown University.

Honors and Awards

Alfred D. Chandler Jr. Research Fellowship, Harvard Business School
Harry J. Marks Fellowship in History Excellence, University of Connecticut
Andrew E. Pyper Scholarship, Department of History, University of Connecticut
Thomas G. Paterson Fellowship in Foreign Relations History, University of Connecticut
Gilder Lehrman Summer Institute, Brown University
Teaching American History Grants
Phi Beta Kappa, Boston University
William J. Newman Book Award in International Relations, Boston University