Pay A Collaborator/Service

To make a payment to a service or collaborator, or a vendor who can only take a check, (for example, for indexing services), please see the Administrative Coordinator as soon as possible, before any work has been completed.

If the vendor has never worked with UConn before: Send the following information to the Administrative Coordinator to get the vendor into the HuskyBuy system for payment.

  • Vendor Name
  • Vendor Email Address
  • Vendor Phone Number
  • Purpose of payment (reimbursement-only, honorarium, etc.)

If the total payment will be $2,501 or more:

  • A purchase order must be created in advance. This increases processing time.
  • The vendor should provide a quote for services in advance. Send the quote to the Administrative Coordinator to create a Purchase Order, along with the following information:
    • Business reason for the service
    • Account to charge
  • After services are complete, the vendor can send an invoice referencing the issued Purchase Order number directly to the Administrative Coordinator.

If the total will be $2,500 or under:

  • Collect an invoice from the vendor and submit it along with the following details to the administrative coordinator:
    • Business reason for the service
    • Account to charge