Undergraduate Courses

Spring 2015
HIST 1502-001, “United States History since 1877”
HIST 2100, “The Historian’s Craft: Slavery and Antislavery”
HIST 3098-003, “Variable Topics: History of American Capitalism”
HIST 3418, “The Holocaust”
HIST 3540, “American Environmental History”
HIST 3560 / WGSS 3560, “Constructions of Race, Gender, and Sexuality in U.S. History”
HIST 3570, “American Indian History”
HIST 3635 / LLAS 3635, “History of Modern Mexico”
HIST 3753, “Modern Africa”
HIST 3822, “Modern China”
HIST 4994W-003, Senior Seminar: “The United States and Human Rights”
HIST 4994W-004, Senior Seminar: “Trauma and History: German and Chinese Memoirs in the 20th Century”

Fall 2014

Spring 2014
HIST 3562 / WGSS 3562, “History of Women and Gender in the U.S. since 1850”
HIST 3568, “The Blueprint: Hip Hop, Youth Politics, and Culture”
HIST 3995, “Special Topics: The Chinese Revolution in Chinese Eyes”

Fall 2013
HIST 1502-001, “United States History since 1877”
HIST 2100, “Historian’s Craft: Slavery and Antislavery,” Fiona Vernal
HIST 3808 / AASI 3808, “East Asia to the Mid-Nineteenth Century,” Victor Zatsepine

Spring 2013
HIST 3516, “The Rise to Global Power: U.S. Foreign Relations since 1913,” Frank Costigliola
HIST 3540, “American Environmental History,” Jamie Eves
HIST 3643, “Argentina and La Plata Region,” Mark Healey

Fall 2012
HIST 1501, “United States History to 1877,” Catherine Thompson

Spring 2012
HIST 2100, “The Historian’s Craft: Newspapers and American History,” Robert Gross
HIST 3370, “Renaissance Intellectual History,” Kenneth Gouwens
HIST 3460, “Late Medieval and Renaissance Italy,” Kenneth Gouwens
HIST 3551, “Topics in US Legal History,” Cornelia Dayton
HIST 3570, “American Indian History,” Nancy Shoemaker
HIST 4994W, “Senior Seminar: American Indian History,” Nancy Shoemaker

Fall 2011
HIST 1502, “United States History since 1877,” Micki McElya
HIST 2100, “The Historian’s Craft,” Nancy Shoemaker
HIST 3325, “Ancient Rome,” Allen M. Ward
HIST 3998, “American Homefront,” Eduardo Canedo
HIST 4994W, “Senior Seminar: The Crisis of Italy,” Kenneth Gouwens

Spring 2011
HIST 1300, “Western Traditions Before 1500,” Daniel Caner
HIST 1502W, “U.S. History since 1877,” Peter Baldwin
HIST 2100, “Historian’s Craft,” Frank Costigliola
HIST 2100, “Historian’s Craft: Religion, Slavery, and Atlantic History,” Fiona Vernal
HIST 3204W, “Science and Social Issues,” Shirley Roe
HIST 3325 / CAMS 3255, “Ancient Rome,” Daniel Caner
HIST 3361, The High and Later Middle Ages,” Sherri Olson
HIST 3463, “Modern Italy,” John A. Davis
HIST 3504, “The American Revolution,” Christopher Clark
HIST 3541, “History of Urban American,” Peter Baldwin
HIST 3564, “African American History since 1865,” Lawrence Goodheart
HIST 3568, “Hip Hop,” Jeffrey O. G. Ogbar
HIST 3753, “Modern Africa,” Fiona Vernal
HIST 4994W, “Senior Seminar: America in the World,” Christopher Clark

Fall 2010
HIST 2110, “The Historian’s Craft,” Nancy Shoemaker
HIST 3360, “The Early Middle Ages,” Sherri Olson
HIST 3752, “Pre-Colonial Africa,” Fiona Vernal
HIST 3760, “History of Southern Africa,” Fiona Vernal
HIST 4994W, “Senior Seminar: Modern Utopias,” Christopher Clark
HIST 4994W, “Senior Seminar: Witch-hunting in Early Modern Europe and America,” Cornelia Dayton

Spring 2010
HIST 1100W, “The Historian as Detective,” Nancy Shoemaker

Fall 2009
HIST 1400 “Modern Western Traditions,” Jamie Eves
HIST 1400 “Modern Western Traditions,” Paul Canning