History Department Travel Procedures

For Faculty: AAUP/ OVPR Travel Funding

The system for requesting travel funds from AAUP/OVPR remains as before, and separate from Concur.  If you are doing travel which is eligible for AAUP/OVPR funding, request that first. Guidelines here:

Once it is awarded later on, you can enter the KFS number for your award into Concur so your travel spending is taken out of your award (you will need to type in the number one by one, rather than copy and pasting).   The form to request OVPR/AAUP travel funding is here:

For All: Concur Travel and Expense

Setting up your account:

You should establish your traveler profile in the Concur system as soon as possible.  This is the basic information about you, your passport, your preferences, and so on which is used to book travel. You log in with your NetID here:

  • When the system asks you (under Request Settings) for an account number to pay for travel, put in the KFS number for your department research account.  Ask Kathy Erickson for the number if you don’t have it.  This will be the default: charges made against this account can later be moved to other accounts, for instance funds from  AAUP/OVPR.  But since everyone has this KFS number this is the starting point.
  • Also: the system will ask you for a backup credit card. You are free to add that or not, though it might well be of help in booking items which funding sadly does not fully cover.

Booking and Completing Your Travel:

  1. Before anything else, make a travel request in Concur.  You don’t need to have approved funding from AAUP/OVPR , and you do not need exact figures– a simple estimate of some costs will do.  The request will then route to  Mark Healey or Kathy, and they will approve.  Details of this are in the “Submitting a Travel Request” pdf above.
  2. If during the request you are notified by the system that a waiver is needed (required for some international travel), contact Kathy Erickson for assistance.
  3. Once the travel request is approved, proceed to book travel in Concur.  Details of this are in the “Booking in Concur” pdf above.
    1. To be reimbursed, the vendor bill must be in the traveler’s name. This means that the University will not reimburse any payments made to colleagues in an effort to cost-share, including for lodging. Please consult with  Kathy about any plans to share hotel rooms or an airbnb before booking.
    2. The university will only reimburse up to a total of a 20% gratuity (meals, taxis, ubers, etc.) For example, if the restaurant includes a 20% tip on the receipt, anything you tip on top of that would not be reimbursable. 
  4. While travelling, decide if you are going to request per diem or reimbursement for actual meal costs.  It must be one or the other for the entire trip, not a mix. Once you use your travel card for a meal, you can NOT get a per diem.
  5. Post trip, complete and submit your expense report.  Save all of your receipts, including receipts for travel card usage.  Please do not use the Concur App to upload your receipts. Please schedule a short meeting with Kathy, if you have any questions while you are doing your expense report.  It’s a good idea to ask Kathy to check it, prior to submitting, especially on the first few that you do.
  6. Concur sends MANY automatic emails before and during the entire process. You can ignore these! Or, if you are concerned, forward to Kathy and check in, but please do not reply directly to these emails.
  7. If you have any questions, please write to Kathy rather than the general travel account.