Graduate Programs in History

The University of Connecticut is an institution large enough to provide variety but small enough to ensure quality. It offers a faculty committed to teaching and research, a graduate research library of 2.3 million books and periodicals, and a location in an attractive rural setting convenient to the major research and population centers of the Northeast.

Available Degree Programs

Masters of Arts
The master’s program is designed to give general training at the graduate level in preparation for doctoral study or work in education, government service, law, or the private sector. Applicants should have a bachelor’s degree and demonstrate sufficient previous coursework in History.

Doctor of Philosophy
Degrees are offered in Early American, Modern America, Latin America, Asia, Africa, US & the World, and Europe. Small seminars comprise the bulk of course work for both M.A. and Ph.D. candidates to provide maximum interaction between faculty and students. Students may also design special courses with individual professors and take a limited number of advanced undergraduate courses. Applicants must demonstrate sufficient previous coursework in History at either the Bachelors or Masters level. All applicants must demonstrate potential for excellence, ability in writing historical prose, and preparation in a foreign language.