Funding for Travel and Research

There are multiple sources of possible funding for travel. Graduate students should avail themselves of all avenues. In order of most easily accessible:


  1. Graduate school funding:

    1. Conference Participation Award ($750, for PhD students only, eligible for one of these awards per graduate career, can apply on a biannual basis, next cycle opens December 2022)
    2. Summer Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship ( $2000, eligible for one of these fellowships per graduate career, for advanced PhD students only, next cycle opens February 2023)
    1. Research funds that your advisor may have access to.

    2. Many national conferences have grants available to students as well, and we encourage students to investigate that.  Likewise for research funds, many scholarly associations have research and travel grants for their members, and we encourage graduate students to apply for such grants through external scholarly organizations.

    3. Departmental funds for which you can apply using this form.

      1. For conferences:

        1. You can expect the department to fund one national conference during your career as a history graduate student at UConn. If you are invited to present at an international conference and/or more than one national conference, you are encouraged to ask the department for additional support which will be considered on a case-by-case basis. You can expect the department to fund the registration fee + at least $600 in expenses for presenting at a national conference.
        2. We also encourage you to present at regional/ local conferences (i.e. conferences which do not require overnight stays), for which you can apply for reimbursement. You will be awarded reimbursement as department funds allow.  For these types of conferences, you would be reimbursed the registration fee and up to $50 per day (for food/ incidentals). (note: the department will also reimburse membership if that is required for attendance.)
      2. For research:
        1. We expect most graduate students will conduct research during the summer and will submit funding requests for this research which will be considered on an annual basis during the annual evaluation period each spring semester. Requests made with the above form should be for research that can only be conducted during the school year and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Students will be eligible for up to $1000 for those academic year research trips that the department deems necessary/ appropriate.