List of People
 NameTitleEmailPhoneFaxOffice Location
Christopher Clark, Professor and Head of the History Department at the University of ConnecticutChristopher ClarkProfessor and Department Head 486‑6277(860) 486-0641Wood Hall, Rm 121
Jessica MuirheadAdministrative Coordinator 486‑1964(860) 486-0641Wood Hall, Rm. 122
Mark Healey, Associate Professor of History at the University of ConnecticutMark HealeyAssociate Professor and Graduate Program Director 486‑2897(860) 486-0641Wood Hall, Rm 222
Kathy O'Dea, Graduate Program Assistant, History DepartmentKathy O'DeaGraduate Program Assistant
kathleen.o' 486‑3717(860) 486-0641Wood Hall, Rm 124
Janet Watson, Associate Professor of History, University of ConnecticutJanet WatsonAssociate Professor and Undergraduate Program Director 486‑2360(860) 486-0641Wood Hall, Rm 201
Heather A. Parker, Undergraduate Academic Advisor in the History Department at the Unversity of ConnecticutHeather A. ParkerUndergraduate Academic Advisor 486‑5380(860) 486-0641Wood Hall, Rm 125