HiGSA – History Graduate Student Association

HiGSA – History Graduate Student Association
HiGSA is an organization of History graduate students at the University of Connecticut. The mission of HiGSA is to connect graduate students in History to each other, to the faculty, and to present and future colleagues. The goal of the organization is to cultivate strong ties among historians throughout and beyond their graduate training.

HiGSA is composed of four separate committees: outreach, community, policy/procedure, and professional development. Members of each committee work together to support the academic and professional development of students within the History department. As part of their duties, HiGSA officers host regular meetings, development workshops, and professional brown bag lunches. They also work to cultivate relationships among and across the graduate cohorts. On a practical level, HiGSA officers manage information and archives on policy, serving as liaisons to faculty committees and the Director of Graduate Studies in the department.

HiGSA also brings graduate students together for social and academic activities, such as off-campus excursions or potluck dinners. The officers strive to be inclusive and to promote collective growth. Thus ALL History graduate students are encouraged to have a voice in determining our priorities and activities. Every member of the department, and especially all graduate students, are encouraged to work with HiGSA in some capacity.

Current HiGSA Officers:
Outreach: Matthew Guariglia & Marc Reyes
Community: Mary Mahoney & Erica Willis
Policy/Procedure: Allison Horrocks, Aimee Loiselle, and Nathan Braccio
Professional Development: Danielle Dumaine, Hilary Bogert-Winkler, Michael Limberg, Shaine Scarminach, and Gabby Westcott