A Letter from the Department Head

Welcome to the History Department at the University of Connecticut!                                                                  Healey-v1

History as a discipline offers numerous opportunities to study the diversity of human experience acrosstime and place, from the ancient world to the present and in every major region of the world. As teachers or students, our passion for history leads us down many paths. Whether studying gender, human rights, migration, ethnicity, politics, science, the environment, the global world, or just about any other aspect of human life, historians offer a unique perspective on the many ways the past shapes the present and even the future. Learning about history at UConn, through taking just a few courses or completing a major or a graduate degree, contributes to the richness of a university education and fosters critical habits of thinking, speaking, and writing valuable in any walk of life. We meet history every time we open a newspaper or a web news site; we participate in history with every vote we cast; we experience history in every town, city, or country we visit. As we approach the many complexities of the twenty-first century, we can learn much from historical study. Browse through our website, explore the courses we teach and the programs of study we offer, and join us for one of the many events the History Department sponsors throughout the year.

– Prof. Mark Healey, Department Head of History