Dissertation Defense

The following is basic information to prepare for your doctoral dissertation defense. Please see the Graduate School Website for more extensive information:https://grad.uconn.edu/enrollment-services/doctoral-degree-program/dissertation-information/

For planning purposes, please refer to the Grad calendar:http://gradcatalog.uconn.edu/grad-school-info/academic-calendar/


At LEAST Two Weeks Before:

  1. Submit signed Dissertation Tentative Approval Page to the Graduate School. Give a copy to the History Graduate Office for your department file.
  2. Email working copy of dissertation to gradschool@uconn.edu, and cc: your advisory committee members.  Do not submit a hard copy to the Graduate School.
  3. Leave a copy of your dissertation in a file in the printer room for anyone wishing to read/review it before the defense.
  4. Announce oral defense on the UNIVERSITY EVENTS CALENDAR
  5. Dissertation posters should go up around the building and a notification sent out to the department listservs.


  1. Three (3) original, final copies of the Report on the Final Exam for the Doctoral Degree will be given to your Major Advisor to bring to your defense. You will need a minimum of 5 examiners.
  2. Bring three (3) final copies of the dissertation approval page from your dissertation (printed on special paper) to be signed with original signatures only from your advisors listed on your plan of study, NOT all  of the defense examiners.