Histories of War

HIST 1206, Living Through War in World History Since 1500

Experiences and perceptions of both military and civilian participants in different kinds of wars around the world over the past 500 years. CA 1. CA 4-INT.

HIST 1450, Global History of the Second World War

A study of the origins, development, and legacy of World War II from a global perspective. CA 1. CA 4-INT.

HIST 2240, History of War in the Modern World

Selected topics analyzing the interactions of warfare, military theories and practice with social, economic and technological developments since 1815.

HIST 3510, Civil War America

The social, economic and cultural forces that shaped the Civil War and its aftermath. Sectional conflict, industrialization, reform and abolitionism, race relations, and class, gender and constitutional issues from the 1830s to the 1880s.

HIST 3531, Japanese Americans & World War II

Also offered as AAAS 3531 and AMST 3531.

The events leading to martial law and executive order 9066, the wartime experience of Japanese Americans, and national consequences. Formerly offered as AASI 3531. CA 1. CA 4.

HIST 3712, The Middle East Crucible

Twentieth-century issues in the Middle East heartland with analysis focusing on the Ottoman heritage, nationalism, Arab-Israeli and other conflicts, Islam, oil, water, rapid sociopolitical change, trends in development, super-power rivalries, and the search for identity, independence, and peace with justice.

HIST 3845, The Vietnam War

Also offered as AAAS 3845.

Origins, evolution, and aftermath of the Vietnamese conflict: the prewar history of colonialism, nationalism, communism, and anticommunism; the formation and development of the three main Vietnamese belligerents; American intervention; culture and politics in wartime Vietnam; escalation and de-escalation of the war; the postwar legacy.

HIST 3863, War and Diplomacy in East Asia

European struggle for power in Asia since 1842, in the context of the rise of Japan and the reassertion of Chinese power.