History and Human Rights

HIST 1570 Migrant Workers in Connecticut

Also offered as LLAS 1570. Interdisciplinary honors course on the life and work experiences of contemporary Latin American and Caribbean migrant workers with focus on Connecticut. Integrated service learning component. Field trips required. CA 1. CA 4.

HIST 2810 Crime, Policing, and Punishment in the United States

Also offered as AMST 2810. A survey of political, legal, and cultural development of the American criminal justice system and its social impact from the early republic to the present. CA 1.

HIST 3201 The History of Human Rights

Also offered as HRTS 3201. Case studies in the emergence and evolution of human rights as experience and concept.

HIST 3202 International Human Rights

Also offered as HRTS 3202. Historical and theoretical survey of the evolution of human rights since 1945.

HIST 3207 Genocide after the Second World War

Also offered as HRTS 3207. Origins of the 1948 Genocide Convention. Several case studies of genocide post WWII: Cambodia, Rwanda, the former Yugoslavia, and Darfur. Causes and underlying dynamics of genocide with an emphasis on the international response. Critical evaluation of military, political, and non-governmental measures to prevent genocidal acts.

HIST 3232 History of Refugees, Migration, and Statelessness

Also offered as HRTS 3232.

Forced and voluntary migration and statelessness in the era of the modern state. Topics include the social and political factors influencing population movement; the experience of migration and statelessness; rights of refugees, migrants, and the stateless; immigration policy; international action; and social and political responses to migration.

HIST 3575 Latinos/as and Human Rights

Also offered as HRTS 3221 and LLAS 3221. Latino/a issues related to human, civil and cultural rights, and gender differences.