History of the Pre-Modern World

HIST 3340, World of the Later Roman Empire

Also offered as CAMS 3340. The profound social and cultural changes that redefined the cities, frontiers, and economies of the classical Mediterranean world and led to the Middle Ages. Developments in the eastern and western Mediterranean between the second and seventh centuries.

HIST 3361, The High and Later Middle Ages

The history of the medieval West from the tenth to the fifteenth centuries.

HIST 3362, The Black Death: Medieval and Modern Responses to Catastrophe

Also offered as HEJS 3362. The Black Death (1346-50) from its origins in China through Europe. Institutional, medical, religious, literary, and social responses to the plague; how modern scholars reconstruct medieval experience; and new findings by historians and scientists that shed light on the challenges of past, present and future pandemics. CA 1. CA 4-INT.

HIST 3420, English History to 1603

A survey of English history from its origin to the close of the Tudor period. Emphasis is placed on the development of the English nation and the growth of its culture. Recommended to majors in English.

HIST 3430, History of Ireland

History of Ireland, with emphasis on the modern period. The rise of Irish nationalism, the Irish Literary Revival, and the problems of Northern Ireland.

HIST 3460, Italy 1250-1600

Italy from the triumph of the city-state and the popolo grosso to the end of the Renaissance. The complex interrelationship between society and culture will be the focus of study.