Kristen M. Vitale

K. Vitale, graduate student, History Department, University of ConnecticutOffice: 14A

Advisor: Brendan Kane

Specialty Field: Early Modern Europe/England

Research Interests: 16th Century England, The Tudor Reign, The Influence of Gender, Religion, Literature, and Emotion on 16th and 17th century England

Biography: Kristen Vitale earned her B.A. in History from Nazareth College in 2015. She then earned her M.A in History with a concentration in Medieval and Modern European History from Providence College in 2017. During her time at Providence College, Kristen became an adjunct professor of History at Manchester Community College teaching Western Civilizations I. While pursuing her PhD here at UCONN, Kristen is hoping to study the Tudor dynasty with an interdisciplinary approach to explore the influence that this reign had on the broader context of 16th and 17th century Europe.