Grace Anne Corkran

Office Hours, Fall 2021: Fridays, 2:30-4:30

Office: Wood Hall 003Aimage of Grace Corkran


Advisor: Cornelia Dayton

Fields: American Early Republic

Research Interests:  Women’s health during the early republic, early history of gynecology in America, history of prostitution and sexually transmitted diseases in America, and women’s health during the Holocaust.

B.A. History and Religious StudiesSumma cum Laude, University of Mary Washington, 2021.

History Thesis: “Between Life and Death: Pregnancy, Abortion, and Childbirth in the Nazi Concentration Camps” (Advisor Dr. Steve Harris) received honors.

Religious Studies Thesis: “Murder and Morality: Late Nineteenth-Century Protestants’ Reaction to the Murder of Helen Jewett” (Advisor Dr. Mary Beth Mathews) received honors.