Alex Kueny


Advisor: Manisha Sinha

Research Interests

19th century United States, slavery, Civil War and Reconstruction, history of capitalism, Anglo-American political history, English Civil War and Glorious Revolution, historical sociology, political economy


I am a history doctoral student focusing on slavery and the American Civil War in the broad contexts of global capitalism and Anglo-American political and economic history. Before coming to UConn I worked in telecom and logistics. I am an AmeriCorps alum and have been a long-time activist in social movements for housing justice, immigrants’ rights, organized labor, and black lives matter.


B.A., History and Political Science, University of Illinois, 2010

Contact Information
Research Interests
  • 19th century United States
  • slavery
  • Civil War and Reconstruction
  • history of capitalism
  • Anglo-American political history
  • English Civil War and Glorious Revolution
  • historical sociology
  • political economy