Alexis Dudden


Ph.D., Chicago

Areas of Specialty

Modern Japan, modern Korea, international history.


Alexis Dudden received her BA from Columbia University in 1991 and her PhD in history from the University of Chicago in 1998. She is currently writing a book, The Opening and Closing of Japan, 1850-2020, about Japan’s territorial disputes and the changing meaning of islands in international law.

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Selected Publications

How Shinzo Abe Sought to Rewrite History The New Yorker, July 9, 2022

Academic Integrity at Stake: The Ramseyer Article Asia-Pacific Journal (February 2021)

“Masks, Science, and Being Foreign: Japan During the Initial Phase of COVID-19,”AAS (Nov 2020)

“Japan’s Rising Sun Flag Has a History of Horror,The Guardian (1 November 2019)

“America’s Dirty Secret in East Asia” New York Times,  Sept. 23, 2019

“Listen to the Governor of Okinawa” LobeLog (11/18)

“In Search of Historical Parallels For China’s Rise” (co-authored with Jeffrey Wasserstrom) NPR 10/18

“The goal in Korea should be peace and trade – not unification” (April 2018)

“Revolution by Candlelight: How South Koreans Toppled a Government” Dissent (Fall 2017)

Keep Calm and Carry On… Gagnam Style” Huffington Post (04/17)

Abe caught out in school scandal (03/17)

Hiroshima and History” (05/16)

“An Uncomfortable Legacy”  The Indian Express (01/16)

“Despite Opposition, Japanese PM Wants to Allow Military to Deploy Overseas” Huffington Post (09/15)

The Shape of Japan To Come,” The New York Times (January 2015)

The Handshake of Asia’s Dreams? Huffington Post (10/14)

Japan’s Island Problem Dissent Vol. 61, no. 4 (October 2014)

The Ongoing Disaster.pdf,” The Journal of Asian Studies, Vol 71, No 2 (May) 2012

Troubled Apologies Among Japan, Korea, and the United States (Columbia University Press, 2008)

Japan’s Colonization of Korea: Discourse and Power (University of Hawai’i Press, 2005)

Alexis Dudden, professor of history, UConn
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