Guanhua Wang

Professor Emeritus

Ph.D., Michigan

Areas of Specialty

Modern China

Current Research Interests

“Serious Games: Sports in the People’s Republic of China”

Selected Publications

In Search of Justice: The 1905-1906 Chinese Anti-American Boycott, Harvard East Asian Monographs, Harvard University Press, 2001

“Literary Portrait of the Role of Chinese Americans in the 1905 Anti-American Boycott,” in Re/Collecting Early Asian America, Temple University Press, 2002

“Self-interests in Patriotic Movements: the Case of the 1905 Chinese Anti-American Boycott” Lishi Yanjiu ([Historical research], a leading journal of history
published by Institute of History, Chinese Social Science Academy) January 1999, pp. 5-21.

“Chinese Emigrants and Government Policy Adjustments in the Late Qing-the Cases of Chinese Laborers in Cuba and Peru,” Twenty-First Century (Journal of
Hong Kong Chinese University), No. 44, Dec. 1997, pp. 47-57.

“Media, Intellectuals, and the Ideology of the 1905 Anti-Exclusion Boycott,” Chinese Historian No.15, 1995, pp. 1-48.

Professor Emeritus Guanhua Wang
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