Taking the Trade: Further Reading

On abortion and contraception

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On courtship, marriage, divorce, and sexual coercion

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On law and women in court

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For additional fascinating Early American case studies on related issues

On a case of sexual ambiguity, see these two interpretations: Kathleen Brown, “’Changed . . . into the Fashion of a Man’: The Politics of Sexual Difference in a Seventeenth-Century Anglo-American Settlement,” Journal of the History of Sexuality 6 (1995), 171-93; and Mary Beth Norton, Founding Mothers and Fathers (see above), 183-197.

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On the Pomfret area

Larned Ellen D. History of Windham County, Connecticut. Vol. I. Worcester, MA: [by the author], 1874; reprinted by the Pequot Press, 1976. Volume II is also available in full on Google Books.


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