Elizabeth Willett

Email: elizabeth.willett@uconn.edu

Advisor: Manisha Sinha 

BS Secondary History Education, Central Connecticut State University, 2018

Areas of Interests: 19th Century U.S. History, Gender History

Current Research Interests

Elizabeth is an MA student studying 19th century U.S. history with a focus on southern women’s history. She attended Central Connecticut State University for her undergraduate degree, getting a B.S. in History Education at the secondary level. While at CCSU, Elizabeth was a member of the Honors Program and presented her undergraduate research at the American Historical Association’s 2018 annual meeting. Her graduate thesis is a continuation of this research on “Anti-Tom” literature, which consists of pro-slavery responses to Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Before entering the Master’s program at UConn, she spent two years teaching at the high school level.