AUG 27: Annual History Graduate Student Research Conference

Keynote speaker Professor Anne Valk, Associate Director for Public Humanities at the Center for Learning in Action, Williams College

Please join us for the 8th Annual History Graduate Student Research Conference!

SESSION A, 1:15-3:00 pm

Class of 1947 Room, Babbidge Library

Chair, Brittney L. Yancy

Nathan Braccio, Enslaving the Heathen, Enslaving the Christian: The Connections between American Indian and African Slavery in Seventeenth-Century New England

Margaret Stack, The Search for an Appropriate Navy: Matthew Fontaine Maury’s Negotiation of Nationalism and Sectionalism in Naval Reform

Gabrielle Westcott, The Other Struggle for Hearts and Minds: Clark Clifford, Lyndon Johnson, and the Emotional Influences on Vietnam Policy in 1968

Commentator, Michael Limberg


Babbidge Library Lecture Center—Level 2
Chair, Jeffery R. Egan

Anna Leigh Todd, “A Second Offense of This Kind”: Female Sexual Repeat Offenders in Colonial New England

Mary Sherman Lycan, Earning Her Keep: A Connecticut Girl’s Home Textile Labor, 1802-1812

Danielle Dumaine, Life by a Different Beat: The Journals of Diane di Prima, 1966-1967, and Negotiating Motherhood, Radicalism, and Literary Production at Millbrook Commune

Commentator, Allison Horrocks


Class of 1947 Room


SESSION B, 3:15-5:00 pm

Class of 1947 Room

Chair, Casey Green

Jorell A. Meléndez-Badillo, Imagining Resistance: Organizing the Puerto Rican Southern Agricultural Strike of 1905

Claudio Luis Quaresma Daflon, Samba and the Expansion of Popular Citizenship in Rio de Janeiro, 1937-1945

Cara Palmer, “Our Silence Buys the Battles”: The Place of Protest Music in the United States-Central American Peace and Solidarity Movement

Commentator, Veronika Horvath

5:15-6:15 pm KEYNOTE ADDRESS
Class of 1947 Room

Anne Valk, Associate Director for Public Humanities at the Center for Learning in Action, Williams College

“Community Oral History and Public Humanities in Theory and Practice”

Anne Valk is associate director for Public Humanities at the Center for Learning in Action at Williams College. A historian by training, Valk specializes in 20th century U.S. social history. At the Center for Public Humanities at Brown University, Valk coordinated the Fox Point Oral History Project, the Mashapaug Pond/Reservoir Triangle Collection project, and worked with local researchers and community members interested in community history. She has taught oral history and public humanities courses, worked with students on practicums, and is involved in developing public programs. She recently published a collection of oral history interviews, Living with Jim Crow: African American Women and Memories of the Jim Crow South (Palgrave, 2010), using interviews housed at Duke University. Valk is currently a series editor for Humanities and Public Life, a new publishing initiative of the University of Iowa Press. Valk also sits on the National Advisory Board of Imagining America.