Prof. Alexis Dudden Featured in New York Times Article

The New York Times has turned to UConn History Professor Alexis Dudden for her insights into the overlooked stories of “comfort women, ” as apart of their series on unreported death in The Times. Having interviewed survivors of  state-sponsored sexual slavery during WWII era Japan, Alexis Dudden reflects on the life on Kim Hak-soon, who was detained by Japanese soldiers while living in China in 1941. As Prof. Dudden explains in the Times article, Kim-Hak-soon “remains one of the bravest people of the 20th century,” who was around 15 when she was taken.  In 1991, Kim Hak-soon first publicly shared her story and later recorded her testimony in the 1993 book, The Korean Comfort Women Who Were Coercively Dragged Away for the Military, Vol. 1. For more about the life of Kim Hak-soon, her activism, and the sexual slavery sponsored by the Japanese state, please read the Times article, “Overlooked No More: Kim Hak-soon, Who Broke the Silence for Comfort Women.




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