What is a Disaster?: Andy Horowitz and Jacob A. C. Remes

On Thursday, April 4th at 6 p.m. Connecticut State Historian and UConn History Professor Andy Horowitz will be in conversation with Jacob A. C. Remes at the Connecticut Museum of Culture and History titled “What is a Disaster?”

Andy Horowitz, associate professor of History and Connecticut State Historian

From the event site:

Floods and earthquakes, wars and famines, engineering failures and economic collapses — these frightening events seem to define modern life. We name them “disasters.” But what makes a disaster different from other periods of time? In a freewheeling conversation, two leading scholars in the field of disaster studies will consider events in Connecticut history and beyond, thinking out loud together about why some kinds of bad news are considered disasters while others are not, and what difference it makes.”

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